Wage Rate

When looking for employment, one should consider the wage rate among other factors as well. The wage rate of certain jobs vary. Minimum wage rates are afforded to employees who are 21 years and over but those younger could also enjoy a percentage based on their ages.

Wage rate per industry

Though you may have a particular calling or area of expertise that you want to build a
career in, it would also be advisable to check out the wage rate for that particular area
of interest. Healthcare and medical service-related jobs such as nursing is still the
top-grosser with a median hourly wage rate of AU$24.72, according to the survey done by PayScale Research Centre which was last updated on September 2008. People in administrative and managerial positions come in second with a median hourly wage rate of AU$19.58, while individuals employed in child care come in third with AU$16.26. All these data are from the survey done by PayScale Research Centre that was last updated on September 2008.

Wage rate per city or locality or area

After deciding which course or industry to build a career in, you can also look into the
state or area in which you want to settle down in. Although the cost of living and the
environment are reasons enough to choose a particular area, each state would have a
different wage rate from that of others.

Wage rate per city

People living in Sydney by far have the highest median hourly wage rate at AU$19.77, while employees in the city of Brisbane place second with AU$18.94. The city of Perth comes in at third as it rewards its people with a median hourly wage rate of AU$18.77.

Wage rate per state or province

New South Wales seems to be a very profitable province as it grabs the top spot with
AU$18.77 as its median hourly wage rate for its working residents. Western Australia comes in second by giving its inhabitants a median hourly wage rate of AU$18.49, while the province of Queensland places third with AU$18.24.

Wage rate per level of experience

Employers also consider the experiences harbored by applicants when considering the amount of the salary that will be paid. Fresh graduates or people who've had less than a year's worth of work experience are at the bottom of the list with AU$15.31 while those who have incurred 20 or more years in the workforce can expect as much as AU$22.58 for their median hourly wage rate. All of these data are from the PayScale Research Centre Survey that was last updated on September 2008.

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